Silicone moulds and baking mats

„GENES” silicone moulds are made of a special silicone material, which is intended to contract with food and gives them a wide range of unique properties:
• resistant to temperatures from -60° to +230°C
• suitable for both baking (electric, gas, hot air ovens) and freezing
• can be used without greasing thanks to the special silicon which guarantees perfect results for all types of preparation
• ideal for presentation of sweet and salty biscuits, cookies, choclate
• foods and pastries can be directly prepared inside the „Genes” molds to eliminate the use of
other utensils because it is designed to permit the preparation of the highest number of foods with
the same cooking time
• guarantees the preparation of both soft and perfectly browned foods and excellent juices
caramelization for flavor enhancement
• these molds also offer much longer life than traditional products when used
according to instructions
• can be washed under a jet of hot water, using a sponge, or in the dishwasher
• do not absorb the flavour
• safe for health
• with proper use are indestructible